De Ryck By Weser - manufacturer of wall cladding in reconstructed stone
A contemporary brick for a refined decor.

The sleek modern décor gets straight to the point. It’s a reflection of your active, urban lifestyle that still needs the comfort of a well-designed home
The natural minimalism of the jointless modern brick finish is the finishing touch you need to give your home 21st century authenticity. The slot-together design makes lining a stretch of wall in your kitchen or living room easier than ever.
Packed in handy boxes of 0,9 m²,

INSTALLATIONTIP (general manual)
Easy to install with mortar Cemix Uniflex

21 x 5 x 1,1 cm

Approximate sizes and surface

Red - Decorative brick collection Factory Grey - Decorative brick collection Factory Taupe - Decorative brick collection Factory Decorative brick collection Factory
FAC 41
FAC 42
FAC 43
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