De Ryck By Weser - manufacturer of wall cladding in reconstructed stone
Reconstituted stone
Reconstituted stone, a material with a low environmental impact
For many years Weser has focused on developing its manufacturing process and promoting its products in Reconstituted Stone, also known as engineered stone. Indeed we are convinced that Reconstituted Stone is a quality solution for household applications, combining resistance, attractiveness and respect of the environment.

With its responsible manufacturing process, from the exploitation of quarries through to the delivery of the finished product, Weser aims to demonstrate the advantages of Reconstituted Stone as an environment-friendly solution.

Our aggregates, from French quarries, are used in our factories in the respect of geological, environmental and social standards.
By exploiting these quarries we create thousands of jobs and take advantage of worked ground.

Our production sites are located in such a way as they cover the entire territory thus allowing geographical proximity for distribution, limiting delivery distances and consequently CO2 emissions.

- Reconstituted stone, an ecological, high performance and decorative solution
- Products in concrete can be easily recycled
- Concrete, actions plans!

Optimised filling of our trucks
Use of stone quarry extraction residues
Our quarry wastes are recycled in secondary materials for roads.
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