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Murok Strato
To a create more contemporary

Whether you want to recreate the atmosphere of a Berlin loft or animate parts of a contemporary facade, Strato will express your creativity.
This stone, which expresses a strong mineral texture, will marry all the materials used in modern design and will fit perfectly in a setting with uncluttered lines.

The cutout geometric elements Strato is the ideal counterpoint purified forms of contemporary art. Their Adjusted assembly with sharp joints, synonymous with modernity, creates panels on which the dipping light will cling to form a multitude of lighted keys.

Packed in boxes of 0,5 m².
Corner pieces available in boxes of 1,3 linear meters (0,39m²).

INSTALLATIONTIP (general manual)
It is best to have the support in the same colour as the chosen stone. Remove any unevenness on the edges of sides and corners to ensure a perfect horizontal installation. Avoid continuous vertical joints.

Height : 5 cm
Length : irregular

Approximate sizes and surface

Shaded grey - Wall Cladding Murok Strato Anthracite - Wall Cladding Murok Strato Corners and Wall cladding in reconstructed stone Murok Strato
Shaded grey
Cream - Wall Cladding Murok Strato Light brown - Wall Cladding Murok Strato Grey earth - Wall Cladding Murok Strato
Light brown
Grey earth
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